how to fix grayed out wifi on the iphone [UPDATED iOS 7.0.4]

this guide is tested and working on ios 7.04
for this guide to work you will need to jailbreak your device first! 

at the moment you can only jailbreak devices on 6.1.2 or 7.04 , so if you were lucky enough to still be on 6.1.2, you can use evasi0n jailbreak directly , otherwise you will have to update your device to 7.04 first

[NOTE] it's recommended that you restore your iphone first to 7.0.4 IF YOU HAVE UPDATED TO 7.0.4 ON AIR(skip this step if you updated using itunes)

1- Download 7.0.4 -
2- connect your phone to the computer, open itunes , select your phone from the sidebar.
3- hold the shift key and then click on restore iphone.

4- download evasion jailbreak from Here.
5- open the file and follow the instructions.
6- enable cellular data on your phone (we need around 3 megabytes only)
7- open cydia on your device , it might ask to download updates , just download essentials 8- search for afc2add and open SSH and install them.
9- download macx4 mac address fixer from here.
9- download ispirit from Here
10- connect your iphone and select app manage tab.

11- now click on install deb and choose the .deb file you just downloaded. 
     if you get the message "fail to connect your device by port 22,please make sure port 22 is not used by other programs" then try restarting your phone and ispirit.

12- restart cydia , download updates(you will find an update for macfixer , install it!)
and then restart your device

                       Now you should be having a working wifi!

Note : if this guide didn't work for you then try the hairdryer method , and then reset your phone.

Heat the places with arrows on them only for about 3-4 minutes (don't over do it) or till you get the message ''the phone is too hot .........". and then turn off your phone and let it cool for 5 minutes in the fridge.

NOTE : make sure to only heat the specified parts and constantly check your phone to see if you got the message described above.


[KuaiYong] How to install cracked ios apps and sync your phone with any computer without jailbreaking

this tutorial works on any ios device "jailbroken or not" , Update : fully tested and working on iOS 7

Warning : don't sync your apps with itunes , as all apps installed by KuaiYong will be deleted.

things you gonna need :

1- any iOS device with iOS 4 or higher .
2- KuaiYong from HERE .

unfortunatly at the moment kuaiyong only supports windows and it's in chinese ,an english version is said to be released soon though ! check their website HERE.

so after downloading KuaiYong , 

1- launch the setup file .

2- after the setup finishes launch the app using the shortcut on 
    your desktop.
3-now simply connect your device , goto the store and download apps.
4-to add files to your device just open file explorer.
you can aslo install KuaiYong on your phone 
if apps close immediately when you open them, or ask for your apple id and password 
1- connect your device to the computer,
2- click on the wrench icon 'settings tab' and then 

[Note] opening the app store might cause this problem to occur , so make sure you do this step every time you open it!
Update: alternatively you can do this step using 'KuaiYong' app on your phone.

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How to make a bootable MS-DOS thumb drive with full NTFS support (read\write)

Things you will need first :

* Steps to create MS-DOS Bootable thumb drive :

1- Extract the files.
2- Run HP Format tool (Run As Administrator if you are using Windows Vista or later).

1- Choose your flash drive.
2- Choose Fat32.
3- Check Create a Dos startup disk option.
4- Choose the extracted windows 98 system boot files Folder.

5- Press START . WARNING ! All files on that flash drive will be removed so make sure
    you backup all your data before formating.
6- Extract NTFS.rar and copy all the extracted files to your thumb drive.
7- and now your flash drive should be something similar to this :

8- Now restart your computer and Enter Bios setup and change boot priorities to boot  
    from your flash drive.
9- Now you have successfully created an MS-DOS Bootable thumb drive with full NTFS 

the included package has some really useful tools besides Ntfs support and here is a breif description of each tool.

1- deltree.exe Short for delete tree, deltree is a command used to delete files and  x
    directories permanently from the computer.
2- Sleep.bat   (Programmed by Abd EL Rahman Tala'at ) Delay execution for 1 second.
3- Readln.exe (Programmed by Ralph B Smith Jr) an equivalent to set /p commands on
    windows 2000 or later. How to use the tool [?]
4- Xcopy.exe Xcopy is a powerful version of the copy command with additional features,
    has the capability of moving files, directories, and even whole drives from one location
    to another.
5- Move.exe Allows you to move files or directories from one folder to another, or from  
    one drive to another.
6- Attrib.exe Attrib allows a user to change the properties of a specified file. Using 
    attrib, the user has the capability of changing the file to have any of the below    
7- doskey.com Doskey is a MS-DOS utility that allows a user to keep a history of commands
    used on the computer. This allows frequently used commands to be used without
    having to type the commands in each time you need to use it. 
8- EDIT.COM MS allows a user to view, create, or modify their computer files.
9- [UPDATE] ReadKey waits for input, one character is read (no ENTER is needed) and it is
    placed in the environment variable (Programmed by Ralph B Smith Jr). How to use the  tool [?]

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Easy Guide : How to Downgrade ASUS Bios for all UEFI Motherboards

This guide is fully tested on several motherboards (dram speed and cpu ratio are adjustable after downgrading)

Things you will need :

1- Bootable MS DOS USB stick.
2- Afudos Utility 4.xx (UEFI).


1- Make sure to download the the correct bios for your board Flashing your bios with the
    wrong bios version may lead to a dead board.

2- Interrupting the updating process may lead to a dead board.

3- Don't downgrade your bios unless you are having some serious problems with your

    current bios version.

4- if anything went wrong while flashing your bios then don't restart your computer unless you had a successful bios flash.

* Steps to Downgrade your Bios :

*if you are having a x79 OR Z77 board with Asus flash back support click here

3- Extract the files .
4- Run HP tool (run as administrator if you are using windows vista or later).

1- Choose your flash drive 
2- Choose Fat32
3- Check Create a Dos startup disk option.
4- Choose the extracted windows 98 system boot files Folder 
5- Press START . WARNING ! All files on that flash drive will be removed so make sure
    you backup all your data before formating.

5- NOW you have successfully made your MS-DOS Bootable flash drive.

6- GO TO ASUS website and download the bios version you want to downgrade to and also
   download any older bios Version  NOTE : we will flash the bios twice once with the
   older bios version using afudos utility and the second time with the newer bios version
   (which is the Bios version you want to downgrade to) using Asus BUPDATER.

SO for example , if you want to downgrade to 2303 then you will downgrade your bios to 2103 first using afudos and then upgrade to 2303 using bupdater ,you can skip that step if you want and downgrade directly to the version you want using afudos (BUT DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK).

7- name the older bios version "First" and the newer one "Second

8- Now copy them to your flash drive.

9- Download AFUDOS 4.XX 

10- Extract the files.

11- Now goto amiflash/Aptio/AFUDOS and Extract AFUDOS.rar

12- Now Copy AFUDOS.EXE to your flash drive.

13- Download Asus BUPDATER

14- Extract the files 

15- And now copy BUPDATER to your flash drive.

14- Now your flash drive should be something similar to this.

15- Now Restart your Computer and Enter Bios Setup by pressing the Delete key from your
      keyboard .

16- Now change boot priority to boot from your flash drive .

17- Note (now we will flash the bios with the older bios version First.rom)
      type AFUDOS FIRST.ROM /P /B /N  

18 -  it may gives you an error message that says : PI Version in SYS ROM mismatched PI
        Version in  ROM File! Force update it may be destroy the System BIOS (DON'T panic
        it's okay just press " F ") then it will ask you to confirm your choice so press " Y "

19 - DON'T INTERRUPT THE PROCESS it will only take few seconds so be patient.

20 - AFTER it finishes Type BUPDATER /isecond.rom 

this Command will flash your bios with the newer bios version (the version you want to  downgrade to ) using asus bios utility.


     there are so many ways to reset CMOS one of the easiest is to push the reset CMOS
     BUTTON at the back of your case for 5 seconds (usually you will find it above the audio
     jack inputs) (CHECK you motherboad manuel) or CHECK this video Reset CMOS

22- now turn on your computer and restore defult BIOS settings and restart.  

23- and now you have successfuly downgraded your bios.

                                       Bios FlashBack Method

*How to downgrade bios on x79 and Z77 boards with Asus flash back support :

1- format your flash drive to fat32

2- download the bios version you want to downgrade to from asus website.

3- copy the .rom file to you flash drive

4- Rename the .rom file as follow
  • Model name                            Rename the file
  • P9X79 DELUXE                             P9X79D.ROM
  • P9X79 PRO                                     P9X79PRO.ROM             
  • P9X79                                              P9X79.ROM
  • SABERTOOTH X79                       SABERX79.ROM
  • Rampage IV Extreme                    R4E.ROM
  • Rampage IV Formula                     R4F.ROM
  • Rampage IV GENE                         R4G.ROM 
  • P9X79 WS                                        P9X79WS.ROM

5- now Plug the USB storage device to the white-colored USB2.0 port, then press
    the USB BIOS Flashback button/ROG Connect button for three seconds till the
    LED begins to blink, then release.

6- Wait till the LED stops blinking, indicating that BIOS flashing has been

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